Hi, thanks for visiting my site. As well as the examples of my previous work shown here and on the Portfolio page, you can find information about my current experiments over in the Blog and Projects sections.

I love collaborating on interesting projects so if you have an idea brewing that you think I might be able to help with, let me know!


sound | music | design

Michael has been working in games for over six years, both in-house and freelance with AAA and indie games studios such as Rare, Sumo Digital, Jagex, Big Robot and Santa Ragione. Prior to games, Michael had spent a few years working on sound post for advertising with clients such as Ford, Virgin and Vodafone. At age 16 he released his first EP ‘The Lost Aberrant Dragonfly’ on AI Records which was followed up in 2005 with his LP ‘Public’. Both releases were well received and were featured in publications such as ‘Wire’ and ‘Beatport’.

Technically Michael has experience in the use of Wwise, Fmod Studio, Unreal, Unity, Cubase and Audition. He can also script in high-level languages / visual interfaces such Blueprints. Michael prefers to record his own sounds and is often found with various microphones taped to strange objects or wiggling knobs on synthesizers.

Michael has been in love with games for as long as he can remember, his favourite titles are those based around exploration and simulation (Thief, Deus Ex, Dishonored, Stalker etc).

As well as being pretty good at making noises, he’s also has some music chops as demonstrated in the reel below.



Sumo Digital // Unannounced Sound design
Brute // MGFM Game design, audio


Microsoft Rare Sound design
Signal From Tolva // Big Robot Sound design
Wheels of Aurelia // Santa Ragione Sound design

2010 - 2015

Transformers Universe // Jagex Games Studio Music system, sound design and trailers.
Block N’ Load // Jagex Games Studio Sound design, music system, trailers.
Runescape // Jagex Games Studio Sound design, music production.
Rogue System // Digits Crossed Interactive Sound design, audio direction, audio systems design and integration.
Volo Airsport // Ramjet Anvil Sound design, audio direction, music production, integration.
MirrorMoon EP // Santa Ragione Sound design, music production.
Fotonica // Santa Ragione Sound design, music production.
Revenge of the Titans // Puppy Games Sound design.

Pre 2010 / Unreleased

Orbit // Coffee & Tea Sound design, audio direction, music production.
All New Ford Focus // Racketbox Sound design
Virgin Marathon Runners // RCKR/Y&R Sound design